​Call to make your appointment, our team will discuss your options and the services available to you, then book a date and time. Once your appointment is confirmed, a physician or practitioner will call you for consent, explain the risks & benefits, and answer all your questions regarding IV nutrient therapy and/or additional medications recommended for symptom relief. If you decide that IV therapy is not for you, please call to cancel your appointment. 

Sage IV exclusively services Santa Barbara and is intimately involved in the community. Our physician is a well-known concierge medical doctor in SB who oversees the care of each client, and personally discusses the risk and benefits of therapy prior to administration to ensure optimal safety. If not seeing patients he often joins the nursing team for office or home visits. We use the highest quality products and, simply stated, seek to extend concierge-level service to the community of Santa Barbara.  

Our normal business hours are between 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday & Sunday by advance appointments only.

​We understand that during this pandemic it can be scary for you and your loved ones. However, we want to reassure you that we maintain a high standard of care and take every precaution to maintain a clean and safe environment. Our team will be checked for signs and symptoms of infection daily. We have hand sanitizers for our nurses and patients. Our nurses will be wearing masks upon arrival and conducting hand hygiene, as well as donning gloves prior to the start of your treatment and maintained throughout your treatment. Our nurses are trained to prevent infections and will maintain aseptic techniques before, during and after your therapy. 

​People who enjoy being healthy from the inside out. Many people who seek out IV therapy include athletes, marathon runners, boxers, entertainment performers, people with Crohn’s disease, auto-immune disease, throat or mouth surgery, stomach surgery, have gastritis, chronic fatigue, food poisoning, a night of binge drinking, hangovers, have nausea and vomiting and just unable to keep food/water down to name a few. However, IV therapy is not only for those mentioned, but also for those who want to increase their metabolism for weight loss, rehydrate and beautify their skin, improve their athletic performance, recover faster from intense workouts, revive their energy from jetlag, improve their mental clarity for school or work, or just to prevent illnesses and ailments. Staying on top of your health is important. What better way to prevent getting sick by being proactive in nourishing your cells with all the nutrients you need from a quick shot of our vitamins or rehydration drips. 

Most people do not get enough vitamins, minerals or amino acids through their diet alone, which is why people seek alternatives such as intravenous therapy. IV nutrients are 100% absorbed directly into the body because it goes straight into your bloodstream when compared to oral supplements or food because it bypasses the gut which works really hard to breakdown food and extract these micronutrients. IV infusion therapy is a great way to boost your energy for those long dragging days.

We require all clients with an active fever to have proof of a negative covid test (PCR or antigen) and precedent evaluation by their primary care physician prior to receiving IV fluids, for the safety of our office and staff. IV hydration can help alleviate symptoms, but it is not a substitute for appropriate medical intervention.

​IV therapy is not for everyone. It is not recommended for those with significant kidney or liver dysfunction, or for patients with congestive heart failure because of potential for serious harm from fluid overload or inability to effectively process vitamins or minerals. Patients with milk allergies, lactose intolerance, or sulfa allergies should NOT receive glutathione. Please check with your doctor if you are pregnant.

 ​The IV therapy treatment may vary on completion time. Generally, it will take 30 minutes to 1 hour, but may be less if you seek quick intramuscular injection of vitamins which may take only a few minutes. Those who sign up for our NAD+ IV therapy may expect a minimum of 2-4 hours of treatment.

​Payment must be received at the time of therapy. We accept cash or credit card. We do not accept checks or IOUs (billed charges). Payments must be made upon services rendered. Sage IV does not bill insurance companies or handle insurance claims. Please contact your insurance carriers for further details and for preauthorization use of FSA or HSA cards

IV therapy is very safe. Common side effects are minor, and include local skin reactions from the intravenous site, pain from the IV insertion site, localized bruising, rash or dizziness. More serious side effects are rare and could include allergic reactions from the products given. Using high doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for short periods of time present negligible adverse effects. Some patients who receive NAD+ may experience symptoms including flushing, chills, stomach pain and heaviness in the chest. Most people feel very good after IV therapy and some may feel worse due to the body working on overdrive to excrete toxins from the body. Some patients may complain of headache, general unwellness, diarrhea, constipation, sinus congestion, flu-like symptoms, and general body aches. This may be your body’s natural response from your cells dumping stored wastes and toxins into the bloodstream to be excreted via your feces, urine or sweat. This detox capacity is actually good news and means that your body is cleansing your metabolic pathways for healthier cells to regenerate and repair itself.

​If you have known allergies please relay this to your treatment team. If you have underlying heart, liver, or kidney problems, fluid accumulation can lead to edema or congestive heart failure which can be serious or life-threatening. Please discuss with your doctor if IV infusion therapy is right for you.

This varies with the package chosen. We aim for optimal therapy, not over-therapy; feel free to discuss your nutrient infusion goals with us at any time.  

​We work with medical supply companies that provide hospital-grade supplies and products. Our vitamins, minerals, and medications come from the best sources and are made from FDA-registered and approved compounding pharmaceutical companies that adhere to very strict safety product guidelines. We maintain current and unexpired medications at all times. Our patients can rest assure that they are getting the safest and highest quality drug products. 

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